This is the blog site that I am going to use for my writing. I will be posting a chapter or a single short story each week for each novel I have finished. Although, like poetry, novels are said to not be finished but abandoned. I welcome comments about my writing, constructive criticism and suggestions. I will read then all and respond to them all as well, probably.

My name is Christopher D. Cole; I am a retired Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force, which means I can be recalled to active duty but at my age (I was born October 14, 1949) and with my health it is extremely unlikely but it can happen. For my entire Air Force career I worked in Avionics, Electronic Warfare. I maintained the equipment that was designed to prevent our people from getting shot down. The equipment did this by warning the aircrew that threats were targeting them and either making the threat miss or blinding the threat source. It didn’t always work but it worked well enough that a lot of families did not lose a loved one.

I am an Episcopalian, attending Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church here in Tucson and I am somewhat active in the church but not as much as I used to be.

I play table-top role-playing games. At present, 2016, my group is playing Shadowrun a dystopian science-fiction game derived from the cyber-punk genre of decades past as opposed to the fantasy games derived from Lord of the Rings and other similar fantasy novels.

I like web comics and read several. I also read a lot of fiction, fantasy and science-fiction, as well as history, especially aircraft history, and religion.

I am presently active politically in the Libertarian Party, I am an officer in the Pima County Libertarian Party; as of 2016 I am the First Vice-Chair.. I routinely “chew out” the Pima County Board of Supervisors and I have done some work with the Tucson Charter Review Committee as they prepare to recommend to the Tucson City Council some changes to the City Charter.

I do a personal at gruundehn.wordpress.com with personal entries on an almost daily basis. I have also made a few entries there that had nothing to do with either.

As you can see from my picture, I have a beard. I hate to shave and haven’t shaved since June 1987. You can see some of the probably 4,000+ books I own.



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